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Personnel selection and recruiting

Market knowledge, branch expertise, strategy and intuition; these are the important elements we apply in Vienna and Upper Austria in order to look for and mediate experienced personnel and managers.
The adequate personnel decisions strongly influence your success as an entrepreneur, especially in today’s complex and unpredictable job market. Well-structured and pragmatic processes ensure us to make the right choice in personnel selection. Furthermore, it is essential to respond quickly and give open feedback.

Successful recruiting requires professionalism. And this is our job.

Your advantage is crucial.
We are aware of our responsibility and also know that we do not only procure orders, but also influence our customer’s daily success. This is why your success is our centre of attention. We find the experienced personnel and managers you need to gain the required competitive advantage.

Our search process is accurate.
Our recruiting process is based on approved principles. We start the search process analytically and complete it systematically. Provided we know exactly about your needs, we can act accurately. And by using our proved and reliable method, we can ensure a perfect match.

Lindlpower recruiting in detail (click to open)

•    Competence and requirement profile creation after an intense briefing
•    Search in the LINDLPOER applicant pool, LINDLPOWER network activation
•    Placing the open positions (media, online partner job markets, LINDLPOWER job market)
•    Thorough document analysis
•    Preselecting with cancellation service
•    Structured personal interviews with the candidates
•    Reference checks
•    Expose creation of top candidates, on request including Predictive Index
•    Presentation of best candidates
•    Job interview coordination
•    Applicant profile discussion as well as support in final selection
•    Sending of refusal letters
•    New employees boarding support

Boarding support ensures success.

Our work and support does not end with the signed employee contract. Our individual boarding support ensures that our new employees have an easy and smooth start at your company. We help your employees to adjust and through this avoid potential initial difficulties or conflicts at the workplace.

The advantage of all the parties involved also has a positive side effect for us: satisfied regular customers who can rely on us at any time.