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Female Capital. The time is now.

The situation has remained the same for many years now. According to people’s individual point of view there are either critics of the glass ceiling effect or those who complain about a lack of women in leading positions. While discussions go round in circles, LIDLPOWER distances deliberately from debates and creates with Female Capital Austria’s first management database at a top level.

We connect highly qualified and excellent experienced female managers with companies.

Female Capital – the Company capital of the future.

Many companies have already recognized the potential of women in leading positions. They do not want to miss and cannot afford to work without the female part of the management pool anymore. It is not a social need to have women in leading positions anymore, but on the contrary, it has also become an economic need to place women in leading positions.

Studies prove that companies with a higher female rate in the management grow stronger than competitive companies.

Female Capital. By LINDLPOWER.

Female careers have always been an essential part in our supervision. For this reason we see Female Capital as a natural further portfolio development.

As successful company founder, convinced networking person and graduate of the management program “future. Women” an initiative for women on their way to a higher level sponsored by BMWFJ, WKO and IV, I have been committing myself to individual career paths for women. Our study “Do women want to be leaders?” has already focused very soon on the topic “women in leading positions”.

After theory there comes practise.We developed a database of highly qualified and competent women who are extraordinarily experienced, competent and eager to tackle new professional challenges.

Should you look for top female managers for a leading position in your company or do you solely want to learn more about Female Capital,